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Automatic Four Wheels Clamping Lid Capping Machine

  • Suitable bottle: Round, Flat, Square, Shaped Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, etc.
Technical description
Automatic four wheels capping machine is a new product developed on the base of the latest technology, using four wheels to clamp and screw cap. The bottle sealing machine adopts PLC to combine the actions. And the parameters are set in touch screen. The mechanical parts are adjustable to suit for bottles with different sizes. It has a wide applicability, particularly suitable for multi-product compliant method. Its most prominent feature is that it can adapt to all shapes and types of the bottle just by adjusting without any additional parts. According to lid types, the capping machine can be equipped with suitable cap sorting device, such as vibrating bowl, centrifuge bowl, elevating lid sorter. it can be used for medium and small-batch production.
The machine meets the GMP requirements, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain. The capping machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, oil and pesticides industries.

Main technical data
Capping capacity: 0-2000bottles/hour according to bottle and lid sizes
Applicable cap diameter: 15-115mm customized according to cap samples
Suitable bottle diameter: 20-90mm, special sizes can be customized according to bottle sample
Suitable for bottle height: 80-300mm, special sizes can be customized according to bottle sample
Total Power: 1.5Kw
Power supply: AC220V/110V, Single phase, can be customized globally
Air supply: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Performance characteristics
  • compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and maintenance, small size, practicality and high cost performance.
  • The technology is ingenious, the fuselage is small but the functions are complete.
  • The rotating speed of the cap screwing wheel is adjustable, and the qualified rate of cap screwing is high.
  • The touch screen and PLC are used to control the operation, which is convenient to adjust.
  • Replacing bottles and lids with different specifications only requires simple adjustment, which is convenient for operation.
  • With world-famous brands and pneumatic components, the failure rate is low, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long.
Automatic Four Wheels Clamping Capping Machine Picture

Automatic clamping capping machine
Automatic clamping cap bottle sealing machine

Automatic pesticide bottle capping machine
Automatic shampoo bottle capping machine
Automatic bug cleaning bottle trigger lid capping machine
Automatic jars capping machine
Automatic clamping lid sealing machine details


1.Used for plane-top plastic and metal screwing cap, twist-off tin lug cap, extrusion cap, pull lid, flip-top lid by automatic sorting and loading caps.
2.Used for the cap with the tube, pump cap, spray cap, trigger cap by manually put caps in the bottles.
For examples: Inline capping machine, plastic cap capping machine, screwing cap capping machine, trigger cap capping machine, pump cap sealing machine, spray cap sealing machine, pesticide bottle capping machine, pepper powder bottle capping machine, shampoo capping machine, hair conditioner capping machine, bleach bottle capping machine, mouth wash capping machine, facial lotion capping machine, hand washing bottle capping machine, hand sanitizer bottle capping machine, kitchen cleaner bottle capping machine, glass water bottle capping machine, lube oil bottle capping machine, etc. Automatic thread screwing plastic and glass bottle with lid capping sealing machine.

HYXG-4C Capping machine application

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