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Automatic Horizontal Non-dry Sticker Labeling Machine

  • MODEL: HYTB1-100H
Technical description
Automatic horizontal adhesive labeling machine is an economical equipment for accurate labeling of ampoule bottles, cylindrical bottles, test tube and other narrow cylinders. Vertical hopper horizontal feeding and horizontal roller chain conveying labeling provide high flexibility and three-point positioning to ensure high accuracy. Star wheel distributor is stable. Fine design exclusive rejection mechanism can also accurately detect and remove wrong materials at high speed. Horizontal circular bottle labeling machine is designed to achieve rationalized production goals. The labeling process is automatic operation, simple operation, fast production, uniform labeling position, beautiful and orderly. It is suitable for automatic labeling of cylindrical containers in pharmaceutical, chemical, food all kinds of industries.

1, horizontal roller conveyor belt feeding effectively solves the problem that small bottles are not convenient for vertical feeding.
2. Horizontal labeling is based on the bottle body as the calibration base to ensure the accuracy of labeling.
3. Video detection device provides a variety of detection functions, such as label labeling detection, code leakage detection and code content detection; non-conforming products will be rejected and recycled.
4. A new type of filling bracket device can be configured to carry the labeled bottle into the bracket at high speed and accurately. Replace bottles and bottles with different diameters.
When you support, you need to make simple adjustment and parameter setting, so that the operation is simpler and quicker. The conveyer belt can be conveyed manually or by linkage brake to make feeding machine.
5. Carry-in buffer bin and labeling action synchronous coordination: less care, labeling speed will be reduced; lack of bottles, bottle holder automatically stop waiting.
6. The running state and alarm information of the matching equipments, such as hot-press printer, hot-transfer printer or jet printer, which can complete the typing and labeling synchronously, will also be reflected in the system.

Main technical data
  • Driving mode: stepper motor / servo motor
  • Mode of operation: right in or left in.
  • Labeling speed: 100-200pcs/min
  • Bottle height: 20-120mm
  • Label size: width: 10-100mm length: 15-100mm
  • Labelling accuracy: + 1mm (excluding accuracy error of product and label)
  • Outer diameter of label: 300mm
  • Inner diameter of label: 75mm
  • Power: AC 110/220v 50/60Hz 1000W global customization
  • Machine size: 2000*600*1400mm
  • Weight 220Kg 

Automatic Horizontal Type Label Applicator Pictures

automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine
automatic vials labeling machine
Automatic horizontal label applicator
Automatic test tube labeling machine


  • Applicable Label: non-dry sticker label in roll.
  • Applicable products: Requires attaching non-dry sticker adhesive label on the circumferential surface and affixed to products.
  • Industry: Widely used in food, medicine, wine, and other industries.
  • Application examples: vials labeling machine, amperometric bottle labeling machine, oral liquid adhesive Labeling machine, oral vinegar horizontal labeling machine, syringe labeling machine, test tube labeling machine, ham sausage labeling machine, pen labeling machine, etc.

horizontal ampere bottle labeling machine

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