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Semi-automatic Rolling Type Top Side Plane Labeling Machine

  • MODEL: HYT-617
  • Suitable bottle shape: Flat and Square
  • Stick label quantity: 1,2,3
Technical description
Semi-automatic flat object top side sticker labeling machine can stick non-dry sticker label one flat bottle, cans, jars, container, objects, etc. With inspection of sensor, tracking label synchronously, ensure to labeling speed and smoothly. 

Host design labeling machines using imported and domestic advanced technology to improve and make a solution for instability of general domestic labeling. By optical fiber computer control, we can get the synchronization track. The output of labels is controlled by a stepper motor or servo motor. It can detect the objects and size of labels automatically. It is modern and advanced electronic mechanical integration equipment automatically controlled by microcomputer mode, with large LCD touch panel, display and memory devices containing dozens of memory devices. The operation is simple, the labeling is accurate, the performance is reliable, and there is only low noise. Sticker labeling machine is easy to clean, not moldy, beautiful after labeling and of high production efficiency. It is strong and won't fall off on its own.
Automatic round bottle label applicator is widely used in bottling of daily chemical, agricultural chemical, food, personal care and pharmaceutics industry.

Main technical data
Label speed: 20-40pcs/min
Product size: customized
Min label size: W26mm    L25mm
Max label size: W150mm  L300mm
Label roll inner diameter: ф75mm
Max label roll diameter: ф240mm
Power: 500W
Valtage: 220V/ 50hz, 110V/60HZ customized
Machine size: 97x44x98cm
Gross weight: 60kg
Opitional device: date coder, transparent bottom label sensor

Semi-automatic Top Side Plane Sticker Labeling Machine picture

Semi-automatic rolling type plane labeling machine

Semi-automatic top side sticker label applicator
semi-automatic flat bottle sticker label applicator

semi-automatic olive oil flat bottle sticker label applicator

semi-automatic dishwash bottle plane sticker label applicator

desktop plastic cap sticker label applicator

Semi-auomatic round object sticker label applicator details

desktop semi-automatic laundry detergent barrel labeling machine

semi-automatic hand sanitizer gel flat bottle labeling machine

semi-automatic drinking water flat bottle labeling machine

semi-automatic shampoo bottle plane sticker label applicator
semi-automatic lubricant barrel plane labeling machine


  • Applicable Label: sticker label
  • Applicable products: Requires attaching plane surface of the sticker label affixed to products.
  • Industry: Widely used in food, medicine, wine, and other industries.
  • Application examples: Shampoo bottle labeling machine, hair conditioner bottle labeling machine, wine bottle labeling machine, honey jar labeling machine, ketchup bottle labeling machine, sauce jar labeling machine, tin can labeling machine, pet juice bottle label applicator, medicine bottle labeling machine, tablets bottle label applicator, oral liquid bottle label applicator, etc.
Semi-automatic whiskey glass bottle sticker label applicator

Click here to view Semi Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Applicator Machine running video on youtube

Olive Oil Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Drinking water square pet bottle label applicator

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