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High-accuracy Arm Vaccum Absorbing Label Plane Labeling Machine

  • MODEL: HYTB1-100X
  • Application: Top surface, Sunken plane
  • Stick label quantity: 1
Technical description

Automatic high-accuracy single-head arm sticker labeling machine can stick non-dry skicker label on the objects like bottle cap top and inner side, box, etc. With inspection of sensor, tracking label synchronously, ensure to labeling speed and smoothly. Host design labeling machines using imported and domestic advanced technology to improve and make a solution for instability of general domestic labeling. By optical fiber computer control, we can get the synchronization track. The output of labels is controlled by a stepper motor or servo motor. It can detect the objects and size of labels automatically. It is modern and advanced electronic mechanical integration equipment automatically controlled by microcomputer mode, with large LCD touch panel, display and memory devices containing dozens of memory devices. The operation is simple, the labeling is accurate, the performance is reliable, and there is low noise. Sticker labeling machine is easy to clean, not moldy, beautiful after labeling and of high production efficiency. It is strong and won't fall off on its own. 

1. Basic use
It is suitable for labeling on the upper plane, arc surface and concave surface of products, with the labeling accuracy of ± 0.5mm. It is mainly used for precision labeling of electronic components and digital products, such as SD card, mobile phone battery, FPC, mobile phone charger, etc. High precision labeling, highlight the excellent quality of products, improve competitiveness.

2. Scope of application
Applicable label: self adhesive label, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc. Applicable products: products requiring labeling on plane, arc, circumference, concave, convex or other surfaces. Application Industry: widely used in food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastic, printing and other industries. Application examples: cover inside, SD card labeling, notebook power supply, battery labeling, etc.

3. Working process
operation process: put the product - > label and re label (automatically realized by the equipment) - > take out the labeled product.

Main technical data

  • Labeling capacity: 0-30pcs/min
  • Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Label material: Adhesive sticker, opaque or transparent label
  • The inner diameter of label roll: 76 mm
  • The outer diameter of label roll: 240 mm(max)
  • The suitable size of label: length: 10mm ~ 70mm; width (base paper width): 5mm ~ 70mm;
  • The suitable size of labeling objects: Can be customized
  • Operating direction: Left or Right
  • Total Power: 1.0kw
  • Power supply: AC220V/110V, Single phase. Globally customized
  • Net weight: About 160kg
  • Machine size: 160(L)×85(W)×150(H)cm

High-accuracy Arm Vaccum Absorbing Label Plane Labeling Machine Picture
Automatic arm single-head plane labeling machine
Automatic top side plane surface sticker label applicator
automatic high-accuracy plane labeling equipment

tap inner side label applicator
automatic hgih-accuracy sticker label application machine

HYTB1-100X High-accuracy Arm Vaccum Absorbing Plane Label Applicator details
automatic high-accuracy single-head sticker label pressing labeling machine

Concave labeling machine


Automatic single-head arm sticker labeling machine labeling application machine is suitable for labeling for labeling on top side with one label. It is widely used in bottling of daily chemical, agricultural chemical, food, personal care and pharmaceutics industry.


For examples: Cap top, Cap inner side, Box Cap Top, etc Label application machine.

Automatic non-dry sticker plane labeling machine

Click here to view Semi Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Applicator Machine running video on youtube

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