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Manual Putting Caps Automatic Pail Lid Pressing Capping Machine

  • MODEL: HYYG-100
  • Working Method: Manually Put Lids on Pail Mouth, Machine Roll Pressing Lid
Technical Description

Automatic wide opener pail lid pressing capping machine adopts high technology, special designed for wide opener plastic bucket and lids. It uses roll pressing method to ensure good sealing effect. The lid can be putted on pail opener manually or automatically. This machine has many advantages: easy operating, lower noise, high speed, rate of snap cap is very high, the surface has been polished, and the appearance is artistic. It will not pollute environment, also meet the GMP standard. It is widely used in car industry, paint industry, food and other industries.

Main Technical Data
  • Maximum capacity: 1000-5000 B/H
  • Suitable bottle diameter: customized
  • Suitable bottle height: customized
  • Applicable cap diameter: customized
  • Total Power: 1.5Kw
  • Power supply: 220V, 50Hz can be customized globally
  • Dimension: 850x850x1700 mm
  • Weight: 200kg
Pail Lid Pressing Capping Machine Pictures
pail lid pressing capping machine

engine oil plastic pail lid sealing machinery
18 liter motor oil pail pressing capping machinery
paint plastic pail pressing closer
semi automatic pail lid pressing capper packing machinery

Inline Type Rolling Pressing Capping Sealing Machine is suitable for below bottle samples

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Diesel engine oil pail pressing capping machine

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