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Automatic Double Heads Cans Capping Machine

  • Model: HYXG-300F
  • Suitable bottle: Round Tin Cans, Round Plastic Cans, Round Paper Cans
  • Speed capacity: 3600-4500 bottles/hour
 Product Instruction
This double-headed can sealing machine is mainly suitable for sealing packaging of various round PET plastic, iron, aluminum and paper cans. It is an ideal packaging equipment for food, medicine, tea and chemical industries with advanced design, reasonable structure and simple and light operation. The main body of this product is made of stainless steel, which has beautiful appearance and meets the design requirements of most standard production workshops. Using a single servo motor to work, all parts are processed with precision, and the production technology and process have been precipitated and improved by our company for a long time, which has the advantages of low noise and low failure rate. This product conforms to national standards, ministerial standards and enterprise standards, and is allowed to leave the factory after passing strict inspection and testing.

Main technical data
Sealing head number
Sealing speed
60-80 pcs/min
Sealing height
50-220mm ( adjustable )
Can diameter
Working voltage
AC380V/220V/110V, Single phase or three phased, globally customized
Working pressure
Machine weight
Machine dimension

Automatic Automatic Easy Opening Lids Single Head Capping Machine Picture
HYXG-300F Automatic Cans Plate Lid Double Heads Capping Sealing Machine.jpg

HYXG-300F Cans Plate Lid Double Heads Capping Sealing Machine
HYXG-300F Automatic Cans Plate Lid Double-Head Capping Sealing Equipment.jpg
HYXG-300F Automatic Cans Star Wheel Double-head Capper

HYXG-200F Automatic instant meat tin can sealing machine

HYXG-200F Automatic juice plastic can sealing machine
HYXG-200F Automatic milk powder tin can sealing machine


PET plastic cans, paper cans, tinplate cans, Plastic jars, Plastic Pails Anti-dust Lid Pressing-on Capping Machine.
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HYXG-300F Metal Can and Lid Two Heads Automatic Sealing Machine

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