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Automatic Putting Lid Snap-on Capping Machine

  • Model: HYYG-600
  • Suitable bottle: Round, square, oval, special-shaped
  • Speed capacity: 2500-3000 bottles/hour
Product Instruction
The machine use the straight line into the bottle, automatically arrange caps, fetching caps, putting caps on bottle mouth, then bottles will go into the gland system by the clamping belt. Due to the flat belt design have a drop of slop, the caps after press will become more and more tightly.The machine has linear structure, convenient adjustment, production speed fast, high pass rate, after cap pressing has good performance. It can be connected with bottle rinsing machine, bottle unscrambler, bottle labeling machine, carton packing machine, etc. It is suitable for cap pressing of daily chemical, foodstuff, soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil's bottle shape.

Main technical data
Capping capacity 2500-3000bottles/hour according to bottle and lid sizes
Applicable cap diameter 15-70mm customized according to bottles
Suitable bottle diameter 20-100mm customized according to bottle sample
Suitable for bottle height 50-280mm customized according to bottle sample
Total Power 1.5kw
Power supply AC220V/110V, Single phase
Air air 0.5-0.7Mpa

HYYG-600 Automatic Putting Lid Snap-on Capping Machine Picture

HYYG-600 Automatic Linear Fetching Lid Pressing-down Capping Machine
HYYG-600 Automatic Linear Fetching Lid Pressing-on Capping Machine.jpg
HYYG-600 Automatic Linear Fetching Lid Bottle Snap-on Capping Machine.jpg
HYLP-1000B+HYPF-1000S+HYYG-600 Bottle Unscrambler Filling Capping Line


Automatic Bottle Snap Lid Capping Machine, Body washing bottle snap-on Capping Machine, shampoo bottle snap-on Capping Machine, edible oil bottle lid pressing-on Capping Machine, vinegar bottle pressing-down Capping Machine, soy sauce glass bottle pressing-on capping equipment, etc.
 HYYG-600 Automatic Linear Fetching Lid Pressing-down Capping Equipment.jpg

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